Mushroom Mod

Mushroom Mod: Changelog

The following specify the changes made from the previous version of Mushroom Mod.

* Version 1.1 to 1.2


Added configuration system.

Added camera utilities.

Added map change detection.

Added black hole generator pickup.

Added command execution delays.

Added precache control.

Added automated turret for attachment vehicles.



Fixed sentry move-to placement.

Fixed map configuration feature value superimposition.

Removed admin password requirement for logins.

Changed laser sentry detection to constant.

Added sequence-based attacks for Rocketsquid.

Fixed viewcone calculations for monsters.

Removed global radius damage dependencies.

Removed CBase derived class dependencies.

Removed polar tracer from laser sentry.


* Version 1.2 to 1.2.2b


Fixed data wipe on server transition

Fixed map configuration read on map change

Limited snark spawns

Tweaked necromancer particle system


* Version 1.2.2b to 1.2.3


Fixed necromancer particles

Fixed wrong precache on robohacker copy

Fixed mad scientist wipe on map change


* Version 1.2.2b to 1.2.4


Added in-game configuration to admin utilities.


Fixed move bullet sentry type


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